Studios inexplicably fighting to make another Tomb Raider movie

In our C- review of 2018’s Tomb Raider, we said, “Like tomb raiding itself, making Tomb Raider films is a bizarre luxury reserved for the bored rich, an expensive and farcical effort unlikely to ever reap any real reward.” Never has that been more apparent than today.

The Wrap brings word that, failing to greenlight a Tomb Raider sequel in May, MGM has lost the rights to the video game franchise—and now “a host of Hollywood movie studios are in the mix and put in bids.” It’s said the changing of hands means Alicia Vikander is no longer attached to play Lara Croft, and whichever studio that gets the rights would be committing to doing “a complete reboot.” There will be no pillaging of this dead series’ latest crypt. Go buy your own tank tops.

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