Aziz Ansari to make us contemplate Bill Murray’s inevitable death

As if anyone wants to dwell on how many years septuagenarian Bill Murray has left in him, Aziz Ansari has written a movie to remind us that Peter Venkman will himself one day become a Slimer.

The Hollywood Reporter brings word Murray will star in a Searchlight Pictures film based on the Atul Gawande nonfiction novel Being Mortal: Medicine and What Matters in the End, with Ansari set to write, direct, and co-star. The book basically deals with how modern medicine’s ability to keep someone alive may at times be counterproductive to allowing the elderly and terminally ill to face the inevitable with some dignity. After all, we all must die—even the man who survived death so many times in Groundhog Day. May as well go out respectably.

It’s said “Searchlight hopes to capitalize on both talent’s abilities to straddle the comedy-drama line.” I, meanwhile, hope to live forever alongside an immortal Bill Murray. So we’ll see which happens!

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