Emmy Rossum to play Tom Holland’s mom, which hopefully makes sense in context

Tom Holland is yet again ready to have a maternal relative that looks way too young and hot.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Emmy Rossum will join the Spider-Man series star in The Crowded Room, a ten-episode Apple TV+ series hailing from remarkably unremarkable screenwriter Akiva Goldsman. It’s said the 35-year-old Rossum will play Holland’s mother—which, yeah, seems a touch off. Maybe there are a lot of scenes set in the past, so they need her young so they can just age her up in the present? One would hope.

Nearly as unconvincing as Rossum being mother to a 25-year-old, Amanda Seyfried will co-star as a clinical psychologist.

The show’s story comes from two oddly disparate sources: Goldman’s own life and the 1981 nonfiction novel The Minds of Billy Milligan—the true story of a man acquitted of serious crimes, including rape, thanks to an insanity defense over his dissociative identity disorder. So this will just be ten episodes of Holland saying, “Sorry, that was someone else in my head who should go to jail for writing Batman & Robin”?

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