Beyblade movie coming from Transformers‘ Jerry Bruckheimer

Human garage sale Jerry Bruckheimer has found his latest way to make some money off some old toys.

According to Deadline, the mega-producer is working with Paramount on a live-action movie based on Beyblade. San Andreas 2 and Now You See Me 3 writers are handling the script.

For those not of Bey-age, Beyblade answered the question: what if Pokémon was about tops? Like, instead of fighting with weird, cool animals with personalities, this is about fighting with spinning tops.

But like Pokémon, companion anime and manga series made it work, and they sold a hell of a lot of very extreme-looking plastic dreidels. We’ll see whether Bruckheimer can find similar success selling a movie that should have starred Taylor Lautner a dozen years ago.

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