Ryan Reynolds meets his child self in The Adam Project trailer

Ryan Reynolds and director Shawn Levy’s follow-up to Free Guy once again sees them in a mode of feeling vaguely and very superficially Spielbergian with a high-concept sci-fi adventure. Have a look with the new trailer for Netflix’s The Adam Project.

The film stars Reynolds, back in his Green Lantern role as a fighter pilot who gets into some action-y CGI bullshit. This time, he’s in 2050, he time travels to the past (our present), he meets up with his adolescent self, and the plural Reynolds have to stop their dad (Mark Ruffalo) from creating time travel in the first place. Zoe Saldaña co-stars as the woman young Reynolds can get excited for one day having sex with. Jennifer Garner and Catherine Keener are apparently also involved.

The whole “time travel to the past to team up with the young man who will later become an Important Man in the future to stop the guy from inventing the Bad Technology” bit is very Terminator 2—here infused with the Night at the Museum director’s typical weightless whimsy. And for as Spielbergian as it, again, vaguely, superficially feels, it’s also got some vague, superficial George Lucas elements there: Hard to think of much outside a Star War with such obviously consequence-free blaster and electro-sword fights against faceless, armored foot soldiers that emerge from spaceships and zip around forests. It’s a Spielberg-Lucas-Cameron mashup with none of the talent of any one of them! This is the guy who made Real Steel and The Internship!

His latest movie streams March 11.

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