Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers trailer goes meta, barely even includes the sort of hot one

Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers trailer goes meta, barely even includes hot one

Back when Disney’s Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers revival picture was announced a few years back, it was being described as “being meta, something self-referential and cool.” Looking at this trailer, it is very much at least two of those things. But you know what’s not cool at all? The implication that Gadget Hackwrench is hardly even a character at all in this. Do they not realize that some of us need to gauge whether we still harbor any latent, confused sexual feelings toward the tiny mouse mechanic?

Anyway, the movie is basically a Who Framed Roger Rabbit? deal that ramps up the meta self-awareness of modern animation eras. Here, Chip and Dale weren’t actually doing any Rescue Rangering; they were just stars of the titular ‘90s series. Now they’re back together, Dale has undergone a 3D update procedure to make him look like he’s from a Squeakquel, and the duo are running into the likes of a CGI dwarf that’s equal parts Seth Rogen and 2007’s Beowulf.

Directed by Hot Rod and Popstar’s Akiva Schaffer, and starring his Lonely Island chum Andy Samberg alongside John Mulaney, maybe this could be something! But written by the Doolittle screenwriters, maybe not.

We’ll find out soon when it hits Disney+ May 20.

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