Rapture: BioShock movie finally coming together—now at Netflix

Well, it’s taken about 15 years, but it looks like BioShock is finally shoving its Big Daddy down the ever-dubious video-game-to-movie pipeline.

Netflix today announced that they’re partnering with video game company Take-Two Interactive and subsidiary 2K to produce a film adaptation based on the hit BioShock franchise. Further details haven’t yet been disclosed.
A more timely adaptation was previously planned back in 2007, with director Gore Verbinski and writer John Logan attached, but it was canceled as Verbinski’s estimated budget climbed. Lucky for BioShock fans, Netflix throws our rising subscription costs around without much regard for price tags, so this attempt may well come together. It will be like an all-new game, where now reviewers are racing through Netflix’s sludge of releases to be first to call this one “BioSchlock.”

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