Chris Pratt fights future aliens or something in The Tomorrow War teaser

Wow, this is like if M. Night Shyamalan made a Christopher Nolan movie.

Taking Mark Wahlberg’s The Happening role, Chris Pratt leads The Tomorrow War as a “high school teacher and family man” with Hollywood good looks and big muscles. The film sees some soldiers from the future show up to the present and tell humanity that, 30 years from now, aliens show up to wage war with us. Are the soldiers back to stop that? Nope! They just need to draft Chris Pratt and whoever else to come fight with them in 2051. Given time travel, you’d assume there would be like a hundred better ways to fight a future war you know is coming, but that’s apparently not the case. This is The Terminator where Michael Biehn just comes back to be like, “Hey, anyone want to fight some robot skeletons with me in a wretched future hellscape? We have time travel and the bad guys don’t but somehow we’re losing and this is the best plan.”

With I Think You Should Leave’s Sam Richardson co-starring, we already know how this will turn out when it hits Amazon Prime July 2:

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