Dave Bautista returning to Daniel Craig, knives for Knives Out 2

Continuing his ascent as the most respectable of our giant wrestleman actors, Dave Bautista is about to add the cred of a Rian Johnson movie to his growing list of credits. According to Deadline, Bautista is set to reunite with Spectre costar Daniel Craig for Johnson’s Knives Out sequel. The plot is expected to again see Craig’s Benoit Blanc sift through an ensemble of suspects to solve a murder. And given that Netflix gave the writer-director $450 million to split between this sequel and the next, there is basically no price limit for who can be brought in for that ensemble. He could buy screen rights to Garfield and have a CGI Garfield murder CGI Robert De Niro from The Irishman, and he’d still have more than enough to have Nicolas Cage play twins. This does not have to be hypothetical, Rian.

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