The Flash trailer doesn’t look much better than Ezra deserves

Well, it looks like Ezra Miller is gonna have to keep it together for a few more months here. The Flash is actually going to hit theaters, as now made extremely official with this, the film’s trailer.

Featuring the double threat of two Ezra Millers, the film sees the actor accused of grooming, strangling, burglaring, and otherwise assaulting numerous victims enter our latest of so, so many cinematic multiverses. Now he’s meeting up with at least a couple versions of himself, as well as Ben Affleck’s Batman, a Michael Keaton Batman so cartoonish he may as well just be The Animated Series one, and a new Supergirl (The Young and the Restless—still on the air, apparently!—star Sasha Calle).

The film was initially meant to just shake things up in its pool of nostalgic fan-service, akin to what Spider-Man: No Way Home did with the MCU. But with James Gunn and Peter Safran largely overhauling the DC Studios universe, now it’s likely been retrofitted to pick and choose what will and will not be rebooted in this new phase of comic book corporate synergy. Check out which dying embers of a burnt-out franchise will retain their dull glow for a couple more outings! That’s cinema!

The Flash will provide us our many Batmen and Ezras June 16.

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