Fast X trailer provides much more of that

Ten films into a franchise that exists in its own world of outrageous stakes hyperinflation, how can Fast X possibly live up to fan expectations of being even more joyfully idiotic than its predecessor? How can it up its already-insane bullshit? As seen in this new trailer, Vin Diesel’s ever-straight-faced answer is “the usual bullshit, but even more of it.”

A new muscular, half-Polynesian man! A new giant white man! A new Academy Award-winning blonde actress! A new set piece with a car going out of an airplane—now without a parachute! Actual street racing again! And if you thought it was all about “family” before, get a load of all the family happening now. There are so many levels of family going on!

Also several parts where mouths don’t seem to match the dialogue and some people may not actually exist?

But, yes, even that glaring issue is exactly as it should be. Why wouldn’t Fast X be an overdubbed, CGI-faced mess?

There are only two reasonable complaints. Firstly, yes, we all know it should have been Fas10 the Furious. We unfortunately have to move past that and pray that at least they close with The Last of the Furious. Secondly, with only one Fast film to go (classic 11-act structure!), we are running out of time for Dom and his crew family to encounter the actual supernatural.

If Vin Diesel being forced to capture the ghost of Paul Walker isn’t the most perfectly tasteless closer, what is?

Fast X hits theaters May 19.

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