I’m a Virgo trailer brings giant-size Boots Riley madness

Boots Riley’s debut feature, Sorry To Bother You, was one of the best films of 2018—and one of the coolest, wildest satires of all time. So, yes, we’re pretty damn excited for whatever bonkers vision he comes at us with next. Oh, and here that is: the teaser trailer for Riley’s I’m a Virgo.

Headed to Prime Video, the series focuses on a 13-foot-tall young man as he enters the world after a childhood of hiding. And, because doing Clifford the Big Red Dog as a dude would be far too straightforward a high-concept premise for Riley, it also seems to count some hyper-fast food prep and some kind of Turboman-style helicopter armor among its incongruities.

It would seem like so many painfully-surreal candy commercials were it not from a proven entity—and featuring the likes of Emmy-winner Jharrel Jerome, Mike Epps, and the inimitable Walton Goggins. It’s a Boots-Goggins venture, folks! What more to ask for?

I’m a Virgo hits Prime later this year.

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