Jim Henson Co. sets up mildly horrific Space Ghost Coast to Coast at Disney+

Remember the Space Ghost Coast to Coast concept, with a talk show host from space and his alien crew interviewing real human celebrities? Well, now that’s getting an Alf overhaul.

THR reports that the Jim Henson Co. is teaming with Disney+ for Earth to Ned, a talk show focused on a kinda gross-looking, kinda Oddworld: Abe’s Odyssey-inspired host obsessed with human (i.e., American) pop culture, turning his invasion mission into a late night, guest-filled affair. Our host, Ned, will be joined by his lieutenant, Cornelius, their artificial intelligence, BETI, and an army of C.L.O.D.S. (cloned living objects of destruction). And they look like Fraggle Rock by way of Mass Effect:

There’s not yet a premiere date for this orgy of wide-eyed freaks.

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