The Grudge is back again with the reboot’s trailer

Proving it is indeed hard to shake a good curse, The Grudge is getting is third first chapter. This latest iteration sees Andrea Riseborough and Demián Bichir as detectives on the case, chasing down the filthy, pallid ghosts terrorizing Riseborough and, separately, realtor John Cho. And since these ghosts are grabbing at Cho in the shower, and spitting in Riseborough’s mouth like that dual-Rachels scene in Disobedience, maybe it’s kind of sexy?

Anyway, it would be easy to disregard The Grudge 3.0 (not be be confused with the sequel The Grudge 3), but writer-director Nicolas Pesce’s last film, Piercing, was a surprisingly nifty little horror-thriller. This may end up being worth the price of another wan, damp spectre.

That this thing hits theaters January 3 could be a curse in itself, though.

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