Mark Ruffalo will be Ryan Reynolds’s dad in The Adam Project

The secret? Time travel.

Though Shawn Levy’s Ryan Reynolds-led Free Guy missed its July 3 release and is off the schedule, Levy and Reynolds are wasting no time getting to another high-concept sci-fi adventure. The two are now headed to Netflix for The Adam Project, a movie that sees Reynolds travel back in time and team with his 13-year-old self to locate their father, who will reportedly be played by Mark Ruffalo. It sounds like it’s sort of a Frequency, but with time travel instead of ham radios.

Apparently Papa Ruffs is dead in the present, some powerful technology he invented has been stolen for nefarious purposes, and the Reynolds boys need his help to set things right. Catherine Keener is playing the villain, which is the most interesting part about this thing.

It’s unclear why Reynolds doesn’t simplify his plan to just go back in time and kill Keener as a baby. What’s good for the goose is good for the Hitler, Ryan.

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