Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer are (goofy!) superheroes in the Thunder Force trailer

The latest broad, clunky, derivative, stinker Ben Falcone has shoved wife Melissa McCarthy into takes the form of both film and explicitly smelly superhero costume.

In Thunder Force, Octavia Spencer plays a scientific pioneer who discovers some way to inject superpowers into people—but whatever substance it is that allows that seems to be scarce. She gives herself the invisibility formula, and when estranged friend Melissa McCarthy shows up at her lab to reconnect, the expected antics lead to McCarthy getting the sole super-strength formula. They’re superheroes now! Which is good, because somehow Falcone-McCarthy repertory players Bobby Canavale (Spy, Superintelligence) and Jason Bateman (Identity Thief) get their hands on some superpower stuff too—and they’re criminals!

We’re currently far up the ass of a whole new over-saturated era of superhero movies, but you’d never know it from the look of this thing in its first trailer. It’s a superhero parody that would have been dumb but serviceable 15 years ago, but now comes across as a relic. And somehow it hits Netflix less than nine months after the company already gave us “what if criminals were granted random superpowers in the real world???” with the likewise crummy and instantly dated Project Power.

Anyway, you can watch it April 9.

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