Michael Bay made a Jake Gyllenhaal thriller called Ambulance, so obviously watch the trailer for that

Back in November of last year, Michael Bay’s latest project, Ambulance, was described as a mixture of Training Day and Speed, with Bay “envision[ing] the film as a character-driven project that will be a departure from his standard explosion-heavy fare.”

Well, a trailer has arrived, and while it does have suggestions of Training Day and Speed, this is not a departure from the explosion-heavy fare of Michael Bay. This is wonderfully, stupidly Michael Bay.

Rapid cuts, camera spinning around his handsome stars, bombastic cinematography, boot-licking, big highway set-pieces, sirens, guys screaming into comm devices—this trailer has all the Bayisms one has come to expect from Mr. Transformer himself. But the weirdest part is how it keeps asserting how this movie—a remake of a 2005 Danish film of the same name, no less—is such an “only in LA!” thing (that already happened in Denmark). Set to “California Dreamin'” and with the “LA” of “AMBULANCE” highlighted over the skyline of the city, it’s like, wow, great: finally a movie set in Los Angeles?

The other inexplicable part? It takes like half the trailer to get to the titular ambulance. Come on, Mikey Bay. Just give us the ambulance—especially if it isn’t going to transform into a robot man.

Anyway, the film stars Jake Gyllenhaal as brother to Yahya Abdul-Mateen II. The Aquaman villain is like, “Can you loan me some money?” And the Spider-Man villain is like, “Oh, so should we rob a bank?” It’s the fantastic Good Time through Bay’s weird, militaristic lens of blowing shit up.

Still, it’s a Michael Bay thriller where a criminal Gyllenhaal confronts cop Garret Dillahunt, so it’s certainly interesting. We’ll see how it goes when Ambulance hits theaters February 18.

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