Pinocchio comes to life for the umpteenth time in Disney’s teaser

Over the last decade, there have been about a dozen live-action remakes of Disney animated classics. So with the latest such re-do, Pinocchio, we all know what to expect: another one of those. But does it indeed look like another one of those? Judge for yourself with this first teaser.

Not to be confused with Guillermo del Toro’s upcoming stop-motion Pinocchio, this take comes from Robert Zemeckis. Reuniting the Polar Express and Beowulf director with two of his favorite things—Tom Hanks and unfortunate-looking CGI—the update clearly hews pretty close to the original’s animated designs. Except now Jiminy Cricket sounds like Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Academy Award-nominated actress and singer Cynthia Erivo is the Blue Fairy, and Hanks plays Geppetto, the insane man who carves himself a little boy he desperately wishes were real.

If this all-too-ironic tale of something inanimate becoming animated, then becoming grossly real, appeals to you, good news! You can watch the latest Pinocchio (since the Pinocchio set to premiere before it) on Disney+ when it premieres September 8.

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