Wonder Twins movie activated over at HBO Max

Eight years since a Wonder Twins movie poster was hung in Midtown Comics in what ended up being a prank, that joke is becoming reality.

Warner Bros. has reportedly hired Adam Sztykiel to write and make his directing debut on a live-action movie about the Super Friends-turned-DC comic book characters for HBO Max.

While Sztykiel hasn’t yet directed, he has written for the upcoming Black Adam, Rampage, the insufferable Scoob!, and the 2008 Patrick Dempsey vehicle Made of Honor—a romantic comedy in which the only thing worse than its screenplay was the nonsensical pun in its title. And if you ever wondered who created the three-season Chris D’Elia sitcom Undateable, here’s your guy.

As for the twins themselves, they’re brother and sister aliens who are able to respectively transform into any form of water and any animal. They do so by bumping fists and saying, “Wonder Twin powers—activate!” They also have a pet monkey named Gleek. Priceless ideas we will finally see in the flesh.

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