The Ghostbusters: Afterlife trailer sure is a strange thing

As much as a gross dogs in refrigerator foretold a rooftop spectacle to come, Ghostbusters was prescient of the post-9/11 world-ending blockbuster stories with what was likely the first and only truly pre-9/11 9/11 film. Almost 20 years before the 2001 attack, director Ivan Reitman and writer-stars Harold Ramis and Dan Aykroyd turned some uniform-wearing blue-collar New Yorkers—even mistaken as exterminators in an early scene—into national heroes.

Now, over 30 years later, Reitman’s writer-director son Jason has his own take on some laid-off guys getting in over their heads with what was just meant to be a new job: what if it’s instead completely different, now about Finn Wolfhard and some science-loving dweebs saving a small town from a large-scale supernatural attack with the help of a bearded authority figure, a struggling single mom, and a cameo from an Aliens star.

In other words, what if it’s inexplicably just Stranger Things?

See the answer for your self with this first trailer for the film. The Haunting of Hill House‘s Mckenna Grace returns to more haunted shit to join Wolfhard as the grandchildren of Spengler. Carrie Coon plays their mom, Egon’s daughter, and Paul Rudd plays the teacher that tells these Gen Z-ers how wild it was to see a 100-foot-tall Marshmallow Man ravage Manhattan when he was a kid (meta!). Aykroyd, Bill Murray, Ernie Hudson, Sigourney Weaver, and Annie Potts are all confirmed to appear for some reason or another. And since the mines shown in the trailer have a sign for [Ivo] Shandor, it seems the villainous behind-the-scenes architect of the original (and subsequent big baddie of Ghostbusters: The Video Game) is also making his comeback. Also, the Terror Dogs and Slimer seem to be back, too.

So many returning spookies can only mean one thing. Someone’s gonna get blown.

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