Trailer: Disney+’s Turner & Hooch series sequel looks even worse than that should

Like the rest of Disney+’s original comedy lineup, Turner & Hooch comes very much by way the company’s old basic cable offerings. Which is to say, it looks quite poor and features a track one can’t imagine existing as an actual song yet apparently does.

This second stab at remaking Tom Hanks’s 1989 Officer Marmaduke movie on the weekly (it was first tried in 1990, when Turner & Hooch was modestly relevant) sees Josh Peck in the lead role. He plays a U.S. Marshal who inherits a big ol’ slobbering French Mastiff he didn’t ask for. While the original made it grim by having the dog belong to Hanks’s murdered partner, this one needlessly echoes that by having the dog come from Peck’s recently-deceased father—who, it is heavily implied, was Tom Hanks (on his second Hooch).

Obviously this was going to be pretty bad, but from this trailer, it’s worse. This is some sub-broadcast, Hallmark Original-level stuff. Most egregiously, it’s peppered with all these establishing shots of San Francisco, when it smells of Vancouver more than it does of dog. Just outrageous. This U.S. Marshal is very clearly outside his jurisdiction.

The Good Guys creator Matt Nix’s somehow second action-comedy series about a straight-laced young law enforcement guy who is the son of Tom Hanks getting a partner he doesn’t want streams July 21.

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