Vin Diesel kills some more people in the Bloodshot trailer

In development since at least 2012, Bloodshot is Sony’s latest, very prolonged attempt at creating a new CINEMATIC UNIVERSE. This one is based on the world of the quickly-dated Valiant Comics, with Vin Diesel starring in the title role as the latest of so many super-soldiers with memory disorders. Guy Pearce co-stars as the villain who uses Bloodshot’s amnesia and vague technology to trick him into committing a series of assassinations. Also, Bloodshot has some nano-bots that make him nigh-invincible and give him enough of a glowing chest to sorrrrrrta sell him to Bloodshot fans wanting the character’s usual Japanese flag look. Even if he more looks like some gross fetishization of E.T.

Bloodshot hits theaters in that hot theatrical release of February 21.

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