Will Arnett and friends do some improv sleuthing in Netflix’s Murderville trailer

Can the star of Basic Instinct hold her own in an improv scene? Could a former NFL running back make a UCB Harold team? Murderville will give us these answers.

Netflix’s US remake of BBC Three’s Murder in Successville sees Will Arnett in the mustachioed role of a detective investigating a new homicide each episode. The high-concept twist: each episode also pairs him with a new celebrity partner who isn’t in on the script, forcing them to ad-lib their scenes. As it goes with improv, it might be a lot of fun, or it could be absolutely terrible. We’ll see!

Sharon Stone, Marshawn Lynch, and the more comedy-chopped likes of Conan O’Brien, Annie Murphy, Ken Jeong, and Kumail Nanjiani round out the first season’s guest stars. You’d hope Arnett could have pulled his Blades of Glory and Arrested Development costar, ex, and improv vet Amy Poehler for this thing, but can’t deny that Stone is a more interesting experiment. The next season should just be the rest of the main cast of Total Recall.

Murderville hits Netflix next Thursday, February 3.

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