Chris Evans and Dwayne Johnson to be muscular together for Christmas

Under Armour needs to get in on this production on the e-commerce side.

Because the world simply can’t wait for the upcoming sequel to Red Notice, Dwayne Johnson will in the meantime give us a surrogate: another “red”-titled, streaming action-adventure-comedy where he trades quips with a handsome superhero man.

Deadline brings word that Chris Evans has signed on to costar with Johnson in Amazon Studios’ Red One. Johnson himself signed on for this last year, and just as then, all that’s known is that this is a Christmas movie being sold not unlike Red Notice—as a broad, four-quadrant nothing of a flick with “the possibility of branding and business opportunities not just for the streaming side of Amazon but the e-commerce side as well.” All that’s known about the story is that it comes not from a writer but from Johnson’s production company’s president of production. Very cool! Already excited to spend some e-commerce bucks on Red Two!

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