Will Ferrell wants to bite off Will Forte’s peen in the Strays trailer

This trailer is R-rated for some reason.

Has a resigned “woof” ever been more applicable than with this trailer for Strays? Find out with the video above!

Featuring Will Ferrell on a trek to bite off a drunk Will Forte’s dick, the film should work as a high-concept comedy. Unfortunately, in this case, Will Ferrell is a terrier, and this hog-biting Homeward Bound’s comedy seems to consist of mostly Marmaduke-level dog jokes dubiously elevated with the crass humor of a 2000s “unrated edition” DVD. This is not the Step Brothers-meets-Brothers Solomon crossover anyone wanted. And having Jamie Foxx, Isla Fisher, and Randall Park voice other canines is not helping all that much when the trailer’s big gag is “dogs humping things.” Swearing, celebrity-voiced dogs does not a movie make. It makes a lazily-animated Hulu series that lasts one season.

Nonetheless, Strays will be in theaters June 9.

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