Yes, you’re getting Joker 2

On a budget of around $60 million, Joker has gone on to become the (currently) seventh highest-grossing film of the year and the biggest R-rated film of all time, with receipts now well over a billion dollars. So, despite being envisioned as a one-off origin separate from the larger DCEU, yes, of course now it’s getting a sequel.

THR reports that Joker director and co-writer Todd Phillips is already in talks to helm a follow-up about the man who puts on clown makeup because of all the bad things. Joaquin Phoenix is expected to reprise the lead role, though it’s still not entirely clear whether Warner Bros. hopes to belatedly fold his Joker into The Batman‘s rogue-filled batter. Either way, can’t wait to see which stairs he sort of dances on next!

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