Zack Snyder returns to mindless form in the Army of the Dead trailer

Zack Snyder is back! He’s back to his Dawn of the Dead zombie action origins; he’s back to using the most on-the-nose classic track he can find; and he’s back to having incredibly muscular men fight shit (not that he often leaves those grounds). Have a look with the trailer for Army of the Dead.

Dave Bautista—himself back to his Blade Runner 2049 days of having some little glasses forced on him to cook—stars as leader of a group of mercenaries who reunite for ONE LAST JOB. The job: evacuate a hidden fortune that’s been left in walled-off, zombie-plagued Las Vegas before the city gets nuked. Complicating the mission, the zombies, like Joker, live in a society.

Army of the Dead hits theaters and Netflix May 21. And maybe then Zack Snyder can also get back to making movies about talking owls.

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