Bruce Willis and John Travolta are finally re-teaming for this predictably terrible thing

Twenty-seven years since Pulp Fiction, Bruce Willis and John Travolta are getting back together to remind us just how far they’ve fallen.

The Look Who’s Talking stars are reportedly set to face off in Paradise City, a film that sounds exactly in line with their descent into fighting De Niro, Cage, and Cusack for the next easy straight-to-video action-thriller paycheck.

Willis will lead as bounty hunter Ryan Swan. His current target: fellow sexagenarian John Travolta, a Hawaiian crime kingpin(???) who murdered Swan’s father. It’s said “the project is billed as being similar to Miami Vice,” which is certainly a generous comparison for something from the writer of Willis’s atrocious Breach and a director whose last two major motion pictures were The Scorpion King and 2016’s Travolta-led I Am Wrath. Just a beautiful confluence of Willis-Travolta hackery; a hairless rat king in cinema’s sewer.

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