Zack Snyder’s Justice League leaked onto HBO Max… by way of Tom & Jerry

UPDATE: They stopped it before he got to see the Joker as Christ or whatever, but he has seen more than the rest of us earthly mortals. Of the first chapter, hilariously titled “Don’t Count on It, Batman,” he says, “It felt like video game cut-scenes strung together.” Very on brand for Snyder.

UPDATE 2: The Hollywood Reporter has finally caught up and verified this happened to a few other people, one man saying, “I just wanted to put on Tom & Jerry for background noise while I worked, and instead I watched an hour of an amazing movie.” Wonder what he saw.

TV-VCR contributor Manolo Moreno today decided to watch Tom & Jerry for some reason. Instead, HBO Max likewise arbitrarily started feeding him four hours of Justice League. More to come! (We joke, but this is 100% for real.)

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