Jesus Christ: Zack Snyder’s Joker lives in the society of Nazareth, apparently

Vanity Fair has posted some more of Zack Snyder’s VERY ARTISTIC BLACK-AND-WHITE photos from the set of his Justice League reshoots, and Jesus Christ.

In an even more than usual on-the-nose move, Snyder has revealed that, just as the only song he knows is Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah, the only symbolism he comprehends is that of Christ. This nitwit already overstuffed Man of Steel with as much Christ imagery he could cram into a rubber suit—before, you know, Superman literally rose from the grave after saving mankind. You’d figure that was as maladroit as the guy could get when it comes to pointing out a Jesus figure. Nope! Meet long-haired Joker in a literal crown of thorns. The J.C. in Snyder’s heart is Joker (the) Clown, who is also apparently a Christ figure.

“If you were always with me, in a society, why was there only one set of footprints in the sand?” Zack asked.

Joker smiled. “It was then that Warner Bros. let you carry this asinine vision on your own.”

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