Goonies is getting a remake by way of a TV drama

Well, if those thieving kids who spent their childhoods remaking Raiders of the Lost Ark are going to steal Steven Spielberg’s intellectual property, he’s going to swipe theirs too. That’s why you don’t mess with Double-S.

According to Deadline, Spielberg’s Amblin Entertainment has teamed up with Warner Bros. and Richard Donner for a Fox pilot that will basically just be the “Raiders Guys” story—except now the kids are remaking Goonies, which is a different Spielberg-produced treasure-seeking film and probably just distinct enough to avoid any legal issues with those chumps.

Written by Pure Genius and The Bold Type creator Sarah Watson, the drama follows a woman who, failing to make it in New York, returns to her automotive hometown in decline. Substitute teaching there, she encounters a trio of kids trying to do a shot-for-shot recreation of Donner’s 1985 classic. It’s said, “Over the course of the season, their passion will inspire a town in desperate need of hope in this love letter to the power of cinema, storytelling and dreams.”

It’s just like Goonies taught us: sometimes all a broke town needs is some spunky kids coming together, so long as they also find untold pirate riches.

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