Marlon Wayans plans cop buddy action-comedy where they fuck at the end

Marlon Wayans being inherently hilarious.

Take your average cop buddy action-comedy. You’ve got the by-the-books cop, the loose cannon cop, and they’re forced to reluctantly work together to take down some crime boss. But what if—and hear Marlon Wayans out—also, at the end, they fuck?

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Wayans and Fast/Furious producer Neil H. Moritz are teaming up to give us Ride or Die, a film apparently “being billed as the first romantic buddy-cop action-comedy.” Wayans and Rick Alvarez—his unfortunately persistent collaborator across Sextuplets, Fifty Shades of Black, Naked, and two Haunted Houses—wrote the script. It sees a “consummate professional” detective (Wayans) paired with an “unapologetic butt-kicker” female narc. How will they ever get along!? Or eventually have consensual sex!

It’s said Wayans describes the comedy as “Bad Boys with romance. Or When Harry Met Sally… with guns,” which definitely tells us one thing: Marlon Wayans has never seen When Harry Met Sally.

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