Pattinson gets another playthrough in Bong Joon-ho’s Mickey 17 teaser

As unabashed fans of everyone involved, a new Bong Joon-ho effort that features Robert Pattinson and Steven Yeun is completely thrilling—even if it ends up being as mediocre as Snowpiercer. So we will, with open arms, accept this otherwise completely dismissable teaser trailer for Bong’s latest effort, Mickey 17. Take a look!

As reported nearly a year ago, the film is based on the novel Mickey7 and seems like a mish-mash of Moon, Edge of Tomorrow, The Suicide Squad, and Pattinson’s own High Life, the actor playing the apparently 17th generation of a guy sent into deadly situations only to inevitably die and be regenerated with his memories in tact. Seems sort of cool from an STD situation, but otherwise, yikes.

We’ll see how it goes for Bobby Pats when Mickey 17 hits theaters March 29.

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