Peter Pan finds a Tinker Bell in Yara Shahidi

Disney’s mission to distort every animated classic into living flesh, their own family-friendly Cronenbergian nightmare, has moved another step forward.

According to Deadline, Peter Pan and Wendy now has its Tinker Bell, Grown-ish star Yara Shahidi signing on to join the studio’s latest of so many remakes. David Lowery, who already made Disney’s Pete’s Dragon remake better than it had any right to be, is directing. The Young Pope star Jude Law is already set to reprise his part as leader of a group of men who prey on young boys as Captain Hook, and Alexander Molony and Ever Anderson are playing the respective title roles.

Disney still won’t just admit they’re clearly going make us tolerate Josh Gad as Smee. Look, just rip this band-aid off, alright?

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