Y: The Last Man lost its star (again)

For as poorly as Y: The Last Man has been developing over the last dozen years, it at least deserves credit for one thing: keeping up with Uncharted as the adaptation meant to be shot in 2008 that somehow gets both closer and further from reality with every passing year.

With Uncharted now keeping Tom Holland signed on for four years and signing its latest of so-many directors, now Y has taken the lead in definitely never getting made. According to THR, FX’s Y: The Last Man series star Barry Keoghan is being recast for reasons that may or may not include the 27-year-old looking like a 13-year-old poisoned Viktor Yushchenko-style. While Shia LaBeouf was originally set to star in the series in the late-’00s, Keoghan had been attached since 2018. Uncharted is going to have to do some work to catch up with what a disastrous shit-show this continues to be.

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