Fresh Prince of Bel-Air will now be an hour-long drama series

All the Fresh Prince drama of the part where Will breaks down because his dad walks out again will now be stretched across an entire series.

Will Smith is reportedly shopping around a modern Fresh Prince of Bel-Air that reinvents the series as a single-camera, one-hour drama.

With resurrections of Roseanne, Will & Grace, Full House, Alf, Murphy Brown, Mad About You, Punky Brewster, Frasier, The Facts of Life, Designing Women, Saved by the Bell, and Head of the Class already on the screen or in the works, it’s easy to be cynical about another ’80s/’90s sitcom reboot. But this one actually has a pretty good story behind it.

The premise comes from the above proof-of-concept trailer that went viral last year. Smith saw it, met up with filmmaker Morgan Cooper a month later, and now the two have teamed up to make Bel-Air a reality. Cooper will co-write, direct, and executive produce.

Please enjoy this nice news that an aspiring young creative talent and Fresh Prince “super-fan” is living his dream, because we are now counting down the days until Fox miserably reboots Small Wonder as a sci-fi thriller.

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